Thursday, June 22, 2006

Remember the movie, "Contact?"

Remember how Matthew McConnaughey plays an earnest young minister, his frat-boy buffness supposedly mitigated by his oddly feminine pashima scarf/shawl? And Jodie Foster is sooooooo youngish Kate Hepburn, with the shaky voice and the intense gaze and the searing intelligence and the strong fragility?

You know what I love about this movie?

I bet you're thinking, "Oooooooh, deep thoughts! Mankind, the universe, are we ALONE?!?!?"

Nope, I'm thinking outerwear.

Jodie's lush green winter coat, to be exact. The one with the barely there shawl collar and the barely there flare at the skirt? The one that almost (but doesnt' quite) alleviate the severity of that god-awful bun hairstyle she wears? The one that says, "I could be worn by a Jane Austen heroine OR Jodie Foster as an aerospace scientist?

Yeah, well. What? I LIKE it. Shut up. SHUT UP!


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