Monday, June 12, 2006

When Filene's merged with Macy's, the Filene's at the local mall ended up on the chopping block. They sold everything including the fixtures, and in the last week they were open, I wandered in and managed to score some luxury bed linens at over 80% off. A 500 thread count fitted sheet for the bed, a duvet cover and a couple of billion thread count sateen pillow shams. None of them matched, but they all went together, and MAN do they feel nice.


Blogger Karyn said...


I had forgotten this travesty... it was heartbreaking to see my beloved Filene's trashed like it was at the end!

(They still had black Tahitian pearls in the jewelry case for $10k though. 80% off. My ass.)

I got a winter scarf at this sale and some printer paper for my Canon Selphy printer.

And...yeah. Nothing else. Good find on those linens!

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