Thursday, June 01, 2006

My Special $2 Bill

In my jewelry box, there is a $2 dollar bill. If you look carefully, you'll see a thin red line across the top edge. When the current $2 bill first came out, in 1976, my grandfather had a bunch of them turned into a pad of bills. You know how a notepad has that red plastic coating stuff to hold all the pages together? Well, my grandpa used to carry around a pad of these bills in his pocket and peel them off in payment of a grandchild-friendly task. Could be a hug, could be "Bring Grandpa a drink." Then he would look at your hand, say how many fingers high to pour from the decanter in the bar into the highball glass, and off you'd go to fix Grandpa a drink. And when you brought it back to him, he'd peel off a $2 bill and hand it to you. Swear to God.


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